Sunday, July 1, 2007

Profile - Stephen (Stemy) Mynhier

I started coming to Superweek in 1989 after moving from Florida to Greenville, SC. Yes, I bled orange before I even moved to SC. I started on staff in 1992 and was on the first squad of engineers. I was an engineer up through 1999. After Superweek in 1999, I moved to Dallas, TX and, due to scheduling issues, took a hiatus from Superweek for three years. When my wife Alissa and I moved from Dallas to Kingsport, TN, I was able to return back to Superweek in 2002. After being in Kingsport for a year, we moved to Charlotte, NC. After being in Charlotte for a year, we moved to Tucson, AZ. After being in Tucson for 3 years (a record since I've been married), we moved back to Charlotte. Hopefully, we'll be in Charlotte for the foreseeable future.

I work for Microsoft and I make email work. Spam and pr0n are my mortal enemies... and NO, there no email tracking program where Bill Gates sends you money for forwarding an email, so please stop. No, I don't care if you have a friend who is an attorney, so please stop. No, I don't care if your brother's girlfriend got a check at the Baylor/UT game, please stop.

What do I do at Superweek.... hmmm... for the last few years I've worked on the team program, Games Day, and the video. This year, Ben will be picking up the work of Games Day during camp.

You can call me:
Stemy (yes, even my business cards say 'stemy')
Cobra Commander (the hooded one... the poseur with the shiney mask is a tool)
Stephen (if you think 'stemy' is 'just weird')

You might have seen me as:
The motorcycle driving good angel who drove Scripture Man's "chariot to heaven"
Ninjaneer who spent the night in the trees of camp watching over you
Samson swinging from a rope
An original prophet of Baal (pronounced BAIL and not BAWWWWL)
A maniacal pig who received Legion
Bad angel with katana
Stephen lying stoned under a blanket while women sang over me
The sleep-deprived hermit who lives in the top of the Ark