Friday, July 13, 2007

Hello Superweek Campers!

It occurred to the staff of Superweek a few days before camp that we really should have a blog. We know, everyone has a blog these days but were giving it a shot anyways. The reason we decided to have a Superweek blog is simple. We feel that once you are a Superweek camper you are always a Superweek camper. You are our responsibility before and after camp. We cannot provide you with a great week of camp and then just leave you hanging for a year! That just wouldn't be cool. We want this to be a safe website for you to visit so this is how it will work.

1. The staff will contribute a devotional thought or some important camp info at least once a month. Hopefully more.

2. In order to keep you safe from the "not so normal" people on the internet, we will approve all comments posted on the board. It's OK to be negative, just now obscene. (Not that any of us who go to camp have ever said an obscene thing in our lives) This blog is just for you.

3. We need you to stay involved. We do what we do, when we do! This means visit the blog often. This will be a great place to stay in touch with fellow campers and staff. We as staff are always looking for ideas for themes, skits, games and whatever else may help make our week great. We do it all for you and to the glory of God! Your ideas are important to us. I am not promising that every idea posted will be used but all things will be considered. If you don't like a certain game on game day, tell us why. If you love having a basketball tournament tell us why. If you love corndog day, let us know. (admit it, we all love corndog day). If there is something specific about the bible you want to learn about, tell us. That's why we are here. If you need prayers from us and other campers, feel free to ask.

4. It is our goal to provide you with useful material to study after camp. Several staff members will be contributing to this blog so it will not be one person giving the same lessons. It is also our goal to inform you of things coming up at camp. For example, have you registered for the fall youth rally Sept 14-16? We want to give you as much information as possible about camp. We want your help in making it happen.

Once again, this site is for you. You are all very special to us. Our friendship really shouldn't be contained within a weeks time in June. I talk to my camp friends every week either by phone, email or blog. Lets make sure that we are all staying brothers and sisters the rest of the year.

More to come soon,

In Him,

Danny Baddeley
1st Week Director


Becky said...

Aha! So you've got the blog up then...


Danny Baddeley said...

Indeed. Dk is sending out an email to all our campers. Hopefully we get some feedback.

Michelle Staggs said...

I think this is a very cool idea!

water specialist said...


water specialist said...

I loved pbc! It was my best year so far. I've only been coming for 3 yrs. thanks to everyone who made it possible!!!