Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So I missed the Monday deadline. It's been a busy few days.

I guess this is a good time to talk about grace.

Last week I talked briefly about rules and how they aren’t the whole picture. People like rules because they define borders. Color inside the lines and God has to let you into heaven. I’ve often heard individuals say they are in line with God because they follow the Ten Commandments and are a good person. Well, there is more to the Bible than just ten rules for living. Additionally, how does one define being a “good” person?

I’d like to think I’m a good person. However, the flaws are there. Sometimes they show up when I least expect it. The story we live in (as Christians) is about grace. It’s not about knowing the special key to pleasing God and getting into heaven. It’s about being a forgiven people who are interested in being a blessing to the world.

Light in the darkness.
A city on a hill.


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